A Jingdezhen art museum dedicated to contemporary porcelain paintings
  • About Us
    About Us

    Jingdezhen FU Museum is a Jingdezhen art museum dedicated to contemporary porcelain paintings. Jingdezhen FU Museum occupies a site area of more than 10000 square meters, with a floor area of 12000 square meters, among with more than 6000 square meters exhibition area which can accommodate 500 visitors at one time. It is located in the central area of Jingdezhen Mingfang Garden, a secondary key scheduling project of the provincial and municipal governments, and adjacent to the Art Centre of national eight major Art Academies.
    FU Museum is a communication platform for professional porcelain painting with its unique contemporary aesthetics and worldwide mind in Jingdezhen. It has exhibition halls for profession gallery, an art salon, a reception lounge for expert visitors, studios for artists, a pottery zone, and a dedicated area for high-temperature furnace etc., providing a mutual learning, as well and a study and research space for both Chinese and foreign ceramic art practitioners and enthusiasts, especially for more than 30,000 "Jing piaos”, the migrant of artists Jingdezhen. Jingdezhen FU Museum holds exhibitions based on its house collections such as regular exhibitions, featured theme exhibitions as well as individual artists exhibitions to show the world that ceramics has accomplished a transform from “craft”to “art”; so as to expand the influences of contemporary porcelain painting worldwide. If you want to meet the contemporary art of porcelain painting, come to the Jingdezhen FU Museum!

  • About the Founder
    About the Founder

            Yu Mingfu, the founder and curator of Jingdezhen FU Museum, has graduated from Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute. He is the master of Arts and Crafts of Jiangxi Province, the craft arts master in a professor level, the dean at the Zhongshan Fine Arts Institute in Jingdezhen, and the founder of the Monochrome Art Gallery. His famille-rose porcelain series workpieces “Youthful Joy”has won the National Golden Award, and were collected by national and provincial museums.
            Professor Yu says, “You can experience the uniqueness, delights and literacy of Jingdezhen ceramic art from porcelain paintings. These characteristics are derived from the accumulated culture of Jingdezhen for thousands of years, and also from the continuous thinking and exploring of art by ‘Jing piao’ artists.” He always works at the forefront of contemporary art of porcelain painting, visiting galleries and museums all over the world, longing to create a brand-new communication platform for contemporary art,  and moving Jingdezhen porcelain painting to new heights. Professor Yu started building of FU Museum when he only had a unclear idea conceived in mind and now he has built an Art Museum dedicated to Jingdezhen contemporary porcelain paintings, bringing together porcelain painting art talents from all over the world and "Jing piao” artists, showcasing the artistic charms of Jingdezhen contemporary art of porcelain paintings to the world.

  • Jingdezhen Zhufu Culture
    Jingdezhen Zhufu Culture

    Jingdezhen has been the capital city of ceramic for thousands of years and it was well-recognized all over the world. Today, Jingdezhen ceramic is communicating with the world through arts to promote the ceramic culture in Jingdezhen. Porcelain painting is a perfect combination of porcelain and painting, which is one of the most important medias exporting Chinese contemporary art to the world. In recent years, “Jing piao”artists of academism have been standing out for their Jingdezhen porcelain paintings and therefore have promoted porcelain paintings to a higher level.
    Jingdezhen ZF Media integrates a great deal of resources from both domestic and abroad, utilizing ZF museum as a platform to support ceramic culture industry. It insists in focusing on the developing of porcelain painting of contemporary art and the supporting the growth of more than 30,000 "Jing piaos". It also pays attention to the power of uniqueness and spirit of Jingdezhen a National-citizen-style IP, proving services in three aspects: IP, content, and commerciality. Its business service scope includes copyright operation, branding, management of artists and their artworks, social media influencers operation, investments and productions of cultural and entertainment programs, development of IP education products, development of tourism routes, plans and proposals, major events and etc.
    Currently ZF Media team is mainly located in Shanghai and Jingdezhen, with contemporary porcelain paintings as the core and through developing diverse exhibitions and projects, ZF Media aims to support R&D and innovation of its artists; discover aspiring artists and workpieces with a contemporary art expression and break the public stereotype towards Jingdezhen ceramic art. ZF Media tells the story of the ceramic city behind Jingdezhen contemporary porcelain paintings and leads it to the world  to showcase the magnificence of Jingdezhen contemporary porcelain paintings.

FU Artists
  • Opening Exhibition of Jingdezhen FU Museum
    Opening Exhibition of Jingdezhen FU Museum
    Opening Exhibition of Jingdezhen FU Museum
    Opening Exhibition of Jingdezhen FU Museum
    Opening Exhibition of Jingdezhen FU Museum
    Opening Exhibition of Jingdezhen FU Museum


    The opening ceremony of the Contemporary Porcelain Painting Art Exhibition "Me and My Motherland" and the listing ceremony of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institution were held on October 17th, 2019, the opening day of Jingdezhen Fu Museum. More than 100 excellent art pieces of contemporary porcelain paintings were displayed at the ceremony. Jingdezhen Fu Museum, built by Wang Li, president of Jingdezhen Mingfutang Ceramic Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Professor Yu Mingfu, the founder of Jingdezhen Fu Museum, has officially made its public appearance. Over 30 outstanding artists attended the event including Du Tonghe, vice president and Secretary General of China Light Industry Association and Chairman of China Ceramic Industry Association; Dong Bo, vice president of China Ceramic Industry Association, Le Qiong, Ke Hegen, Gong Xunming, Zhang Jinghui, He Li Nong and Luo XiaoCong.

  • Outstanding Contemporary Porcelain Painting
    Outstanding Contemporary Porcelain Painting

    More than 56000 people visited at home and abroad
    More than 56000 people visited at home and abroad
    Permanently Exhibited Pieces at Jingdezhen FU Museum
    Jingdezhen Ceramic Fair has been held for many years
Basic information
Opening hours:
9:00 a.m.-17:00 p.m.(closed on Monday, exclude Public Holidays)
Mingfangyuan Phase ll, Changnan New Distract, Jingdezheng, Jiangxi Province
10 minutes driving distance from Jingdezhen Luojia airport
15 minutes driving distance from Jingdezhen North Highspeed Railway Station
20 minutes driving distance from jingdezhen Downtown
Bus: tourist line one No.88, No.25 and No.905
Ticket and Reservation
Contact Number:
Ms. Wang: 151-7981-7166
Mr. Hu: 182-7045-8260
FU Events
  • Dialogue with porcelain: cultural tour of China's art masters and world porcelain capital


    In order to further promote China's magnificent traditional culture and comprehend the perfect integration of Chinese quintessence porcelain with calligraphy and painting art, the “Shanshui Danqing Culture Industry Group”has worked with Jingdezhen Ceramic Craft Association, together with well known domestic and overseas cultural institutions such as China International Culture and Art Development Exchange Center, Artists Poetry, Calligraphy and Painting Society of China Visual Association, United Nations world intangible cultural heritage protection foundation, European Philatelic Association, and Chinese Art Foundation of American Philatelic Group, Art and Finance Magazine and China International Art Network, etc., jointly held the Cultural Event: "Dialogue with porcelains——Chinese Art Masters Walking in Jingdezhen". Jingdezhen FU Museum was invited to the event.

    In addition, the host will hold a "Dialogue with porcelain——a joint Exhibition of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting and Ceramic Art Pieces", and organize artists to further visit Jingdezhen Ceramic Study and Research Institution and Ceramic Institute; moreover to organize communications with calligraphers and painters and ceramic masters about creation of artworks; and experience Ceramic Creation on site.

    Through this event, we would like to encourage communications and interactions among outstanding artists in various fields to further promote the magnificent traditional Chinese culture and art, so as to enhance the innovation and development of Chinese calligraphy and painting and ceramic art and revive the new glory of Chinese traditional art.

  • Jingdezhen Daily | Official Opening of Jingdezhen FU Museum


    (Reporter Zhang Yi) Jingdezhen FU Museum is officially opened in the afternoon of 17 October and meanwhile held a contemporary porcelain painting exhibition themed "Me and My Motherland" in celebration of the 70th anniversary of establishment of the People's Republic of China. A number of well-known artists in Jingdezhen have attended the opening ceremony and its first exhibition.

    In order to promote the development of Jingdezhen contemporary porcelain painting, Jingdezhen FU Museum in Mingfangyuan held the first exhibition of contemporary porcelain painting "Me and My Motherland”exhibiting over 100 pieces of exquisite porcelain paintings by more than 30 artists including Ning Gang, Ke Hegen, LV Jinquan, Yu Changbing, Zhang Jinghui and Cao Chunsheng, with the strong support of the municipal government, the Publicity Department of the municipal Party committee, Jingdezhen Ceramic University, municipal porcelain Bureau and Jingdezhen painting academy, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

    Source: Jingdezhen daily digital
  • Tiktok Kiln Opening Festival | Jingdezhen FU Museum in Joint hands with Jiade Royal Kiln


    In response to the opening of kiln at Taoxichuan 2020 held by Municipal Government of Jingdezhen, Tiktok e-commerce platform and hosted by the municipal government of Zhushan District and Jingdezhen Ceramic Culture and Travel Group, Jingdezhen FU Museum has cooperated with Jiade Royal Kiln to launch a online live event on Tiktok platform. This event invited special guests: Professor Yu Mingfu,the founder of Jingdezhen FU Museum and the art master of Arts and Crafts in Jiangxi Province as well as Xie Guofu, Senior Craftsman at Jiangxi Province and the member of Jingdezhen Artists Association, to lead online audiences to a virtual tour to visit the artistic porcelain space of Jingdezhen FU Museum, indulging in the beauty of contemporary porcelain painting. 
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  • Artists

    Recruiting 101 Artists for Pocerlain Painting

    Jingdezhen FU Museum focuses on various forms of art with an inclusive attitude, expecting to create brilliant creative sparks with artists at home and abroad. Jingdezhenfu Art Museum plans to create 101 top-notch porcelain painting artists. Excellent ceramic artists at home and abroad are welcome to join our family, so that art can enter more people's horizons with a popular attitude. If you have unique views and superb skills on porcelain painting, if you want to create your own IP and harvest a group of fans, come to Fu and join the 101 top-notch porcelain painting artists program of jingdezhenfu Art Museum!
    Contact Person: Ms. Yu
    Mobile: 15900621784
    Emaill: debrayu@163.com
  • Media

    Redefining "Contemporary Art of Pocerlain Painting"

    Jingdezhen FU Museum has diverse resources of pocerlain paintings collection from artists at home and abroad, curated and displayed in a professional exhibition space. Enterprises or individual personals interested in collaboration in the forms of media interviews, exhibition activities, online events and other related projects, please feel free to reach out to us. We are more than happy to work with media companies of excellent content. To jointly create a platform for promoting high-quality content and enhance the social value of cooperative media. Jingdezhen FU Museum dedicates itself to integrate oriental crafts with expressionism from the West, redefining the contemporary art of porcelain painting, henceforth bridging the artform of pocerlain with the contemporary era, Interested media partners are welcomed to cooperate with Jingdezhen FU Museum, as we promote the contemporary art of porcelain painting in joint hands.
    Contact Person: Ms. Yu
    Mobile: 15900621784
    Email: debrayu@163.com